“In everything, I showed you that by working hard you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord , ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”…St Paul – to the elders from Ephesus

Sacred receiving is a gift to the giver! – the receivers making a difference in our lives ; basking together in a non-dual moment wherein there is no distinction between the giver and the receiver. Both are giving and receiving in their own unique ways. The shared experience ,profoundly sacred and intimate, is a moment of delectable grace.”- Prof John Amode – Intimacy, A Path Toward Spirituality

It is to the fullest credit of Nalin Perera as the then president, and of his committee too, that a new activity “FEED THE NEEDY” was initiated, in 2012, by the WCOBU in London. We made further progress – participation, portion, punctuality were all even better this year. Preparing food and serving 135 needy souls for a hot meal was a truly rewarding experience. All committee members participated and indeed contributed generously; however, the heart and hand input by Gaz, our secretary, deserves particular praise in the fullest measure.

We all felt enriched; yet, humbling was the thought that our efforts are dwarfed by the sheer indefatigable dedication of the sisters of Saint Pius X Roman Catholic Church who, do this for the poor day after day.

There was a sense of tangible reward too – we truly felt like a committee working in unison, inspired by an ideal.

Should we not help the boys still at Wesley to initiate a very similar tradition? The thought thirsts.

Ranjith Chandrasena

President ,Wesley OBU UK