President 2019

Dear Wesleyites, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Guests

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Wesley College OBU (UK) website. Our forum for all the latest events, updates, proposals and ideas associated with the Wesleyites here in the UK, Sri Lanka and around the world.

In this 26th anniversary of the WOBU (UK), and the 145th anniversary of the establishment of the college itself,

I am especially proud and privileged to welcome you all as president.

True to our long established traditional events at the WOBU, we will continue the fun, games and charitable events, kicking off the year in honour of the Founders, to celebrate and draw inspiration from all those pioneers whom made the college possible through their charity and enterprise.

From there we will endeavour to humbly come together for those less fortunate, serving to feed the homeless.

To then begin the sporting season with rugby, cricket and walks. Finishing with the annual dinner and dance, the heart of our fund raising events.

Here at the WOBU (UK) we have gone from strength to strength over the years, welcoming people from all classes, castes, religions and backgrounds whilst remaining the only Methodists boys’ school union.

I would like to thank the Wesley Alumni for the generous contributions, networking and tireless charitable efforts which follow in the traditions of the founders, allowing the next generation of Wesleyites to flourish and the memory to continue.

Ora Et Labora

G. Vamathevan

Hon. President

Life & Legacy of John Wesley

Dates to Remember

9th of June – Family Fun Day – Harrow

12th of October – Double Blue Dance – Heathrow


Wesley OBU UK Work for & on behalf of Wesley College Colombo.

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  • Double Blue Dinner Dance 2017
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  • Fellowship & Cricket Match 2017
    Project Date : 2017-01-03
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